CSV File Extension

What is a CSV File?

A CSV file (Comma-Separated Values) is a simple and widely used file format for storing tabular data. It is a plain text format where data is organized in rows and columns, with each line representing a single record and each field separated by a comma or other delimiter, such as a semicolon or tab.

CSV files are versatile and compatible with many software applications, making them a popular choice for data exchange. They are commonly used for storing data like contact lists, financial records, and data sets for spreadsheet software.

Where is CSV? used

  • Data Import and Export: CSV files are frequently used to import and export data between different software applications, databases, and spreadsheet programs.
  • Spreadsheet Software: They are compatible with spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and LibreOffice Calc for data analysis and visualization.
  • Contact Management: Many contact management and email applications support CSV for importing and exporting contact lists.
  • Data Backup: CSV files are used for data backup, as they are easy to create and store structured information.

How to Open CSV File Types

Programs that open .csv files:


Microsoft Excel
LibreOffice Calc
Google Sheets (web-based)
Apache OpenOffice Calc


Microsoft Excel for Mac
LibreOffice Calc
Google Sheets (web-based)
Apache OpenOffice Calc
What is a CSV File? 2023-10-17