RTF File Extension

What is an RTF File?

An RTF file (Rich Text Format) is a document file format that allows you to create, edit, and exchange documents that contain text, formatting, and images. RTF files are versatile and can be opened and edited with various word processing applications.

RTF is a cross-platform format that can be used on both Windows and Mac operating systems, making it a convenient choice for sharing documents across different platforms.

Where is RTF used?

  • Document Sharing: RTF files are commonly used for sharing documents that need to retain their formatting across different word processing applications.
  • Writing and Editing: RTF is a popular format for creating and editing documents that require specific formatting, such as reports, letters, and academic papers.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: RTF's broad compatibility makes it a go-to choice for documents that need to be accessible on both Windows and Mac systems.

How to Open RTF File Types

Programs that open .rtf files:


Microsoft Word
LibreOffice Writer


Microsoft Word
LibreOffice Writer
What is an RTF File? 2023-10-17