XLSX File Extension

What is an XLSX File?

An XLSX file is a file format used for storing data in tabular form, often referred to as spreadsheets. It is associated with Microsoft Excel, a popular spreadsheet application. XLSX files contain multiple sheets, each of which consists of rows and columns that can be used to organize, calculate, and analyze data.

Advantages of XLSX Files

XLSX files are commonly used for tasks involving data management, financial calculations, budgeting, and more. They provide a structured way to input, manipulate, and present data, making them a valuable tool for businesses, analysts, and individuals who need to work with numerical information.

How to open XLSX file?

Programs that open .xlsx files:


Microsoft Excel
LibreOffice Calc
Apache OpenOffice Calc
WPS Office Spreadsheets
Google Sheets


Microsoft Excel for Mac
LibreOffice Calc
Apache OpenOffice Calc
Google Sheets
What is an XLSX File? 2023-10-17