HWP File Extension

What is an HWP File?

An HWP file is a document file format created by Haansoft's Hangul word processing software, primarily used in South Korea. HWP files contain text, images, tables, charts, and other document elements. They are commonly used for word processing and document editing.

HWP files are not as widely recognized as formats like DOCX or PDF, but they are popular in South Korea, where they are often used for various types of documents, including business reports, presentations, and personal correspondence.

Where is HWP used?

  • South Korea: HWP is the dominant word processing format in South Korea and is widely used for various types of documents.
  • Business and Government: HWP files are commonly used in business, government, and educational settings for creating reports, documents, and presentations.
  • Personal Use: Individuals in South Korea use HWP for personal writing and communication.

How to Open HWP File Types

Programs that open .hwp files:


Haansoft Hangul
Apache OpenOffice Writer
Hancom Office Hanword (formerly ThinkFree Office)


Apache OpenOffice Writer
What is an HWP File? 2023-10-17