DOCX File Extension

What is a DOCX File?

A DOCX file is a modern file format for text documents commonly used in Microsoft Word and other word processing applications. It is an extension of the older .doc format, with the "X" in DOCX indicating that it uses the Office Open XML format. This XML-based format allows for more efficient storage and enhanced compatibility with various software.

Why to use DOCX

DOCX files offer numerous advantages, including better data management, reduced file sizes, and improved document recovery options. They are the standard choice for creating, editing, and sharing text-based documents, such as reports, resumes, and business letters.

How to open DOCX file?

Programs that open .docx files:


Microsoft Word
LibreOffice Writer
WPS Office
Apache OpenOffice Writer
SoftMaker FreeOffice


Microsoft Word
LibreOffice Writer
Apple Pages
What is a DOCX File? 2023-10-17