PPT File Extension

What is a PPT File?

A PPT file is a file format used for creating and delivering presentations. It is associated with Microsoft PowerPoint, a widely used presentation software. PPT files contain a collection of slides, each of which can include text, images, multimedia elements, and various formatting options to create engaging presentations.

Why to use PPT

PPT files are the standard choice for creating professional presentations, whether for business meetings, educational lectures, or conferences. They provide a structured format for organizing and delivering information in a visually appealing manner, making them a valuable tool for communication and information sharing.

How to open PPT file?

Programs that open .ppt files:


Microsoft PowerPoint
LibreOffice Impress
WPS Office Presentation
Apache OpenOffice Impress
Google Slides


Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac
LibreOffice Impress
Apple Keynote
Google Slides
What is a PPT File? 2023-10-17