XML File Extension

What is an XML File?

An XML file (Extensible Markup Language) is a text-based format that is widely used for structuring and storing data. XML files consist of a hierarchical structure with user-defined tags, making it a flexible and self-descriptive format for data representation.

XML is commonly used for a variety of purposes, including data interchange between different systems, configuration files, and as a format for documents and web services.

Where is XML used?

  • Data Interchange: XML is used for exchanging structured data between different applications and platforms.
  • Configuration Files: Many software applications use XML files to store configuration settings.
  • Web Services: XML is a common format for defining data exchanged in web services using SOAP or REST protocols.
  • Document Markup: XML is used to structure and mark up documents for easy parsing and transformation.

How to Open XML File Types

Programs that open .xml files:


Microsoft Visual Studio
Adobe Dreamweaver
XML editors (e.g., XML Notepad, Oxygen XML Editor)


Adobe Dreamweaver
XML editors (e.g., Oxygen XML Editor)
What is an XML File? 2023-10-17