ODT File Extension

What is an ODT File?

An ODT file is a document file format created by the open-source office suite LibreOffice and its predecessor, OpenOffice. ODT stands for Open Document Text, and it is a standard format for word processing documents.

ODT files are based on the XML-based OpenDocument format, which provides an open and accessible way to store and exchange text documents. ODT files can contain text, images, formatting, and other elements typically found in word processing documents.

Where is ODT used?

  • Word Processing: ODT files are used for word processing tasks, making them popular for creating documents, letters, reports, and more.
  • Open Source Software: ODT is the default format for word processing in open-source office suites like LibreOffice and OpenOffice.
  • Document Sharing: ODT files are widely used for sharing documents with others, especially in open-source and collaborative environments.

How to Open ODT File Types

Programs that open .odt files:


Apache OpenOffice
Microsoft Word
Corel WordPerfect


Apache OpenOffice
Microsoft Word
What is an ODT File? 2023-10-17