KML File Extension

What is a KML File?

A KML file is a Keyhole Markup Language file used for visualizing geographic data in 2D or 3D within web maps and Earth browsers, including Google Earth and Google Maps. KML is an XML-based format that allows you to describe and store features, such as place marks, images, polygons, and more, in a structured way.

KML files are widely used for sharing geographic information and can include data like coordinates, descriptions, and images. This makes KML a versatile format for various applications related to mapping and geospatial data.

Where is KML used?

  • Mapping and GIS: KML is used for creating maps, visualizing geographic data, and sharing location-based information.
  • Google Earth: KML is the native format for Google Earth, making it essential for creating custom overlays and tours.
  • Web Mapping: KML can be embedded in websites to display customized maps and geographic data.

How to Open KML File Types

Programs that open .kml files:


Google Earth Pro
Google Earth
Esri ArcGIS for Desktop
Adobe Dreamweaver


Google Earth Pro
Google Earth
Adobe Dreamweaver
What is a KML File? 2023-10-17